Is it ok to gift a styling voucher for Christmas? Will my partner be offended?


Ok, we are in the final countdown for Christmas, I've had quite a few people (mostly men) ask me how their wife or partner would feel if he gave her a Styling Voucher for Christmas. Obviously it depends on the person and how you present it, but generally speaking I would describe it as wanting to give someone a deeply personal gift much like a massage where they are having someone concentrate on them for the entire time. You are saying I value you and want you to spend some time on yourself!

There are many reasons why someone would benefit from a styling session:

If your wife feels like she's a bit lost at the moment, and endlessly complains that nothing in her wardrobe is working any more... I'd say it might be a gentle way to say I can see your overwhelmed by your wardrobe, let's get someone in to help you so you love getting yourself ready again.

Perhaps her shape has changed / new baby / menopause /post cancer surgery these are all massive changes for a woman to handle mentally, emotionally and physically. I have seen women visibly lift their spirits by spending time with me thinking about what they want to look like and what would make them feel good. Sometimes it's hard to let go of the past and accept that we are bigger, slightly lopsided or just not quite as trim as we were years ago. There's no reason you still can't look and feel good, it may be a bit of a cathartic experience getting to know yourself again in this new light.

One gentleman recently said that he didn't know how to approach this issue so started a conversation around the fact that there are people like me dedicated to styling people. His wife responded by saying "I'd love someone to help me".

If your partner always wears the same style of clothing and it doesn't suit them and your too scared to say anything... (perfectly understandable) perhaps broach the topic; there are lots of different ways to approach it. See what she says, most likely she would say that would be fantastic.

My aim is help women feel empowered there are lots of ways for this to occur and the most important way is to educate them. We can't all be experts at everything and there is no need to be. Sometimes a gentle new nudge from an outsider (me) can help transform someone's confidence. I have yet to come across a woman who didn't smile more readily, laugh and generally hold herself with a lot more confidence after I've worked with them.

There are various options to choose from it could be just a meet and greet for an hour where I talk to the person and we discuss their major issues over a coffee and then I give them a detailed list of things to think about and solutions to help them solve whatever their dilemma's are. Then they are free to go off and make changes as they see fit. Cost $160.

Other options include a wardrobe overhaul where I come to your home and physically go through each item making suggestions as we go as to whether to keep, donate or get rid of the clothes.  Generally speaking this process takes about two and a half depending on the size of the wardrobe. From $240 for two hours.

A personal shopping trip is a fabulous way to get a whole lot of shopping done in the most efficient manner possible. Together we will have put a wish list and budget together. I will research where I am taking you based on this list. After booking a time to meet at a designated store we will set about working through the list. Minimum two hours $240 and $120 per hour thereafter.

Hope you found this helpful. Any questions please don't hesitate to email me or call.

Whatever you do for Christmas/New Year I hope you enjoy it.  

x loretta

Loretta Whitford