Love yourself, love your look

Interview by Kristie Hayden

ele Personal Styling founder, Loretta Whitford, helps women discover the best version of themselves through a holistic approach to personal styling.

There is truth in the notion that when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

But how sustainable is this happiness if it’s literally only skin deep? Complete happiness is a sum of many parts. Yes, skin treatments, hairstyles and high-fashion can go a long way to provoke feelings of self-confidence, accomplishment and distinction but what’s the bigger picture and how can we help you paint it?

Loretta Whitford, supports women on the road to self-fulfilment. Her holistic approach to styling helps women re-discover a version of themselves previously lost. She is Geelong’s very own life-stylist.

“I encourage women to treat themselves with the love and kindness they deserve,” Loretta says. “I nurture my clients through the transformation until they feel great again. I can recommend hairstylists, dieticians, skin-care specialists, a life-coach, yoga studio and lots more. Regardless of their individual journeys, the goal is always the same – to get them feeling amazing.”

With a distinct flair for fashion, a wardrobe overhaul and personal shopping experience is an empowering part of Loretta’s service. “I always say; what does your look say about you?” Often the answer is no confidence and low self-esteem.

“For many women, a change in body shape due to weight gain, pregnancy, menopause or illness can create a sense of doubt about their style and how they look,” Loretta says. “Some women are newly single, have a new job or are just uncomfortable in the world of fashion and don’t know what to wear. Often, just the thought of choosing an outfit each day is hard to bear.”

Loretta also presents her styling advice to the workforce, speaking at corporate functions and advising workers on the importance of presenting well to the public. “I talk a lot about being kind to yourself,” Loretta says.

“It’s not about being on-trend or fashionable. My passion is to help women develop their confidence, find their own true style and make the most of what they’ve got.