Perfect way to cleanse your wardrobe efficiently

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with the volume of clothing in your closet here is a great list for helping you to clear the clutter - thereby making the task of getting dressed each day easier.

Keep in mind if you do have to throw out items that are worn but they are high usage items, consider keeping a list for when you're out shopping next. This list will help you stay on track with your purchases. Another option is to potentially upgrade to a higher quality garment if possible thereby extending the life of your items.

Here's a brilliant list of things you can get rid of without blinking an eye!

• All Clothes that don’t belong to you - Give them back! The number of clients I see who tell me that this that or the other was given to them by their well meaning mother/sister etc but the item doesn't fit or flatter but my client is too nervous to give it away. Solution - don't accept hand me downs from relatives. (They are just clearing out what they don't want - you don't want it either) Politely tell them you really don't need or want it and it will just take up space you don't have!

• Shorts that are too short now

• Tops that are too short or too tight

• Pants that don't do up

• Holiday inspired jumpers

• Clothes that are too tight for you to wear underwear underneath.

• Bridal party outfits

• Onesie's

• Sentimental items that no longer fit

• The great dress you bought on sale that you never wear because something just doesn't feel right about it.

• Items that make you feel unhappy

• Dirty stained clothing - no matter how much you love it.

• Gorgeous but unwearable shoes

• Ugly, uncomfortable shoes - if it doesn't fit it will hurt - if your shoes hurt you won't be smiling - time to get rid of them. They will be perfect for someone else.

• Jeans that are unflattering or saggy around your bum, or ripped in places they shouldn’t be ripped.

• Your ex-husband’s anything.

• Distressed clothing that isn't meant to be distressed.

• Ugly ill fitting bras

• Ugly ill fitting underwear

• Check your yoga pants in daylight to see if they are see through - get rid of them if they are.

• Pieces you can see through unintentionally. - unless you have a slip you wear underneath.

• The fabulous coat/jacket/jumper you don’t wear. Someone will appreciate it this winter

• Clothes you are saving for your children.

• Pieces that need repair but never get repaired because it will cost too much or your unsure if you'll wear it.

• Hats /beanies / faded caps and scarves you don’t wear even though you swore you'd wear them

• Mucky handbags - if money is tight - invest in one great bag and replace it when it wears out. You will look far more polished having one quality item than 4 poor quality bags.

• Holiday clothing that doesn't work in the real world - unless you travel a lot and it will be handy on your next holiday - keep it in a separate box for holiday stuff.

• The fabulous dress you never got to wear - or the outfit your saving for good. Either wear it or get rid of it. It is no good just sitting there taking up space.

Obviously there are other items you will have in your wardrobe you may want to get rid of - some people feel a little overwhelmed getting rid of lots of things - in time you will feel much calmer and clearer about the situation comfortable knowing exactly what you have.

It’s just a start, but I am certain once you begin working through your wardrobe in a calm manner, you will start to feel a lot more in control of your closet and that will be a lovely feeling of satisfaction.