Have you tried KX Pilates?

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The KX class is set up in a group environment max about 12 people. During a class you will get a full body work out. I guarantee you will use muscles you didn't know you had... this can be very, very hard in the beginning :(

However, the joy you get when you master a complex move and then when your instructor comes around to ensure that you are holding whatever pose it is in the right way and says "great job" or encourages you in whatever great way they do... I promise you will become addicted. :)

For me, I like to go at least a couple of times a week but had an extended break due to illness. This has made coming back tough but I do love the classes and the feeling I get afterwards so it’s worth it.

Pilates is such a fabulous way to tone your body, build your muscles and really work your core (tummy muscles) which in turn will strengthen everything else in the lower part of your body as you are not straining your back. During your first few sessions your body will try lots of different tricks to engage muscles it's not meant to be working for example your hip flexors.... you will know when this happens.... keeping an open dialogue with your instructor will help you to stay on track and reap the rewards.

A lot of people out there are a bit scared to try new things thinking it will be really hard or that everyone else will be really skinny or super fit or whatever whatever! I'm here to tell you to be brave get out there and have a go. It doesn't have to be KX it could be walking, jogging or weights as long as you're moving you will feel great and that has got to be a good thing.

The KX Tagline is – ‘DEFINE YOURSELF.’

‘Define Yourself’ is quite diverse and can have many different meanings dependant on the individual. Define your vision. Define your purpose. Define your goals, or simply define your body. The meaning is entirely left up to the individual, as at the end of the day we believe it is you who ultimately defines who you are. Ultimately, though through KX you are working towards a change for the better.

Q & A with one of the trainers Bri from KX Torquay otherwise known as @runninggirlpilates on Instagram

Q: How would you describe KX?

A: KX is a dynamic form of Pilates which involves a reformer bed and traditional Pilates sequences in a faster flow designed as a fitness based work out. We use extra equipment such as dumbbells, a Pilates weighted ball and a Pilates circle to add an extra element of variety and intensity.

Q: When and Why Did you start at KX?

A: I started teaching KX in March 2016 as I've always wanted to teach Pilates and this year the timing was right. Pilates has helped me so much with injuries and thats why I wanted to become a teacher and as an exercise scientist I see the dramatic benefits Pilates has on the body from beginners to elite athletes.

Q: What would you say to someone over 50 or overweight who wants to try it? Is everyone in class super fit and skinny?

A: KX is certainly something people of all fitness levels and all shapes and sizes can try. I always say if you can make it up two flights of stairs (Those that lead up to the studio) you can do the class! But in all seriousness, Pilates is low impact, so there is not stress on joints and uses light resistance in the form of springs which is paramount for strengthening bones and maintaining muscle tone, as those things deteriorate as you get older. So I'd definitely say Pilates is the way to go if you are looking for a great workout that is kinder on the body than the gym or heavy cardio.

Q: How long before I see benefits?

A: I have had clients notice changes in just a few weeks. You really will feel like a new person, you learn how to connect with your body, your posture improves, your muscles start to tone and flexibility increases. People with aches and pains such as arthritis find these things improve also.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: KX is not cardio based so it won't help you lose weight on its own. It will certainly tone your muscles. I would suggest Pilates combined with some cardio like walking or bike riding as a suitable option to drop some kilos. ... and obviously a healthy eating plan too!!!

Q: Can I do it if I have a weak bladder?

A: Of course, you will actually learn to switch on the muscles that will help this :)

Q: What do you love about KX?

A: I love the clients, they have become like family! I love chatting with them all and hearing about their lives. I also really love helping people and hearing how they are feeling better or watching how much they are improving.

Q: Is it really complicated. I am uncoordinated?

A: I am not going to lie there is technique involved but as long as you listen and are willing to learn you will be absolutely fine!

Q: What do I wear?

A: Comfy clothes, active wear, you might be surprised how much you sweat;)

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: My motto when it comes to exercise is "do what you love". Find a way to move your body that feels great for you. It should not be a chore or a form of punishment. It should make you feel sexy, alive and energised. There is something out there for everyone, movement is in our blood so keep searching and trying new things until you find YOUR thing!

Hopefully it's KX come play!