Public speaking.

Sometimes all that is missing is a little knowledge. With many of us playing a multitude of roles in our lives, it can sometimes blur the lines between the perfect outfit choice and a potential fashion faux par. How can an outfit transition from day to night when there’s so much contradiction between the roles you play during those times! Cue Loretta In Action – practical and informative, Loretta combines her wealth of knowledge with easy to implement tips on how to master the corporate wardrobe without compromising your personal fashion sense. Here’s just a snippet of what’s on offer and how it will assist your staff.  

Integration Aide Conference

Held at GMHBA Stadium

A room buzzing with women in business was the scene for one of my recent public speaking engagements at the Integration Aide Conference. I am always shocked at the number of women who are so apprehensive and carry guilt at the concept of spending money on their work wardrobe. We spend so much of our lives at work, a place where we make friends, define ourselves in a new role, and quite often meet our life partner.

In Geelong, there is a recurring theme that women are reluctant to wear anything seen as “too nice” for fear of standing out too much. However, we need to shift our thinking and view our clothes as an outward reflection of the respect we hold for ourselves and our colleagues. You are effectively saying, I care about myself and my work, and I want to do my best.

This event was an excellent opportunity to approach style holistically, chatting about health in general, skin care, along with the different ways to update your style without breaking the bank!

Small corporate groups:

When you are an employee you become an ambassador for that business, therefore, it is imperative that your outfit reflects both your personal brand and the company brand.

At a recent presentation for News Ltd employees (Sales Staff)  I discussed the challenge of personal presentation in a workplace where no official dress code exists.

The focus of this session was on practical ways to make an effort within the workplace. Be prepared for any situation by sprucing up your outfit with a more corporate jacket, keep a pair of heels in your desk drawer, and don’t skip the makeup because you can’t be bothered.

Being proactive with your style choices when you’re in a corporate sales role is a great way to ensure a constant level of service and expectation for your clients.

Want to give your sales staff a motivational style boost? Enquire about Loretta coming to speak to your team.

Style Swap and Sustain your Wardrobe Session

Wyndham City Council

Style, swap, and sustain were the words on everyone's lips at a recent ‘Wardrobe Session’ I conducted for Wyndham City Council.

In an industry that is known for its fast-paced trends and high turnover of items, we discussed the sustainability of fashion and the importance of slow fashion. The discussion centered around the concept of buying quality over quantity, and how to avoid the pitfalls and confusion of fast-fashion.

With an average person throwing out 35KG of unwanted clothing each year, changing our attitude towards fashion can make a significant impact on the world we live in.

The top tips from the day were:

  • Go second hand. If you love shopping but are worried about the bucks, try recycle stores and vintage shops.

  • Swap it, don’t trash it. Organising a clothes swap is a great to update your wardrobe regularly without the associated price tag.

  • Repair redesign and upcycle – there are some great places in Melbourne that teach on upcycling, sewing and mending

  • Avoid the once off wear. Hire clothing for a special event instead of purchasing for a special occasion.

  • Quality speaks. A well-made garment will last many years to come.

  • Enlist the help of a personal stylist. It will save you money in the long run. Avoid the pitfalls of fast-fashion by getting the experts take on what is missing to round out your wardrobe.

Invest in yourself and those around you. Talk to Loretta about speaking at your next corporate or community event.