Personal shopping experience.

Some activities are better shared, and shopping is no exception. Having a personal shopper by your side is a great way to make sure you feel supported in your buying choices.

Ideal if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the idea of shopping

  • You don’t know where to shop

  • You often feel a sense of regret post purchase

  • You have limited time to shop

What to expect:

You bring walking shoes, and I’ll bring the clothes! Once we’ve reviewed your current wardrobe situation, I begin to piece together the elements to tie it all together. During our time together, it’s my role to help guide you in your shopping choices by selecting the shops and clothing pieces that best suit your unique sense of style.

There’s no obligation to purchase what I select for you. This experience is as much about helping you identify outfits that you feel comfortable with, as it is about filling up the wardrobe.

The outcome:

A laser focused shopping experience that is both educational and enjoyable! You’ll walk away from our time together with a better understanding of both where to shop, and what to add into your wardrobe.

Investment: $240 for two hours.

Introducing your shopping sidekick. Book your personal shopping experience today.