Style overhaul.

Sometimes life sneaks up on you, and an unexpected change leaves you feeling a little lost in the fashion stakes. Cue the Style Overhaul. Think of it as pressing the reset button on your sense of self.

Ideal if:

  • You’ve recently experienced a change in your life

  • You want to refresh or change your look

  • You’re looking for a fresh set of eyes to help define your style

What to expect:

A short and sweet service, a style overhaul takes approximately an hour. We’ll work together to identify the ‘quick wins,’ simple things that you can implement into your life to give you a confidence boost. Afterward, I put together a list of suggestion for you, to steer you towards your desired style.


Sometimes all it takes is a new haircut, makeup look, or small wardrobe changes to boost our confidence level sky high. You’ll walk away with a detailed plan of the attack to step towards a more stylish self.

Give your style a reboot. Book your style overhaul.