Here are some testimonials from Clients – not everyone writes a review but the ones that do, have taken precious time out of their day and I really appreciate it.  As you know everyone is different and their approaches will be varied – ultimately though they all feel happier now which for me is the major Win.

Feeling like many of my clothes were old and tired, I recently did a wardrobe overhaul with Loretta from élé personal styling. Loretta was friendly and professional and provided honest feedback on what worked for me and what didn’t. She also provided advice on simple things I could do to take my look up a notch.

After our session, she emailed me a report summarising what we had discussed and included details of shops and services that would work for me. I now feel a lot more confident in my style and shopping in general. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Loretta.

Nic B - December 2018

I have engaged Loretta from élé personal styling for the past 3 years and have found her to be extremely professional and lots of fun. Right from the initial questionnaire and wardrobe overhaul, Loretta is honest - she’ll tell you what works and looks best for/on you, and what to get rid of. This honesty is invaluable especially when you are time poor. By spending time getting to know you, Loretta is able to make recommendations about which stores to go into (even the ones you think you’d never find anything in!) and will nail your style/look straight up. Shopping is fun with Loretta and for someone who finds the experience generally stressful, it’s good to know you have someone who knows what you do and don’t like, and who will, when necessary and for the greater good, challenge your perceptions about clothing, style and shopping.

One of the best decisions I’ve made is to engage Loretta. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her commitment and passion for fashion, admired her knowledge and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist.

I don’t say this often, but I consider Loretta to be my friend, not just my stylist and I look forward to many more shopping adventures together.

Joelle - Moonee Ponds, January 2019

Hi Loretta,

I'm having so much fun with my new clothes. I'm holding myself differently, even getting so many compliments, but most of all I'm feeling much more confident about my clothing and my taste in clothing. It's such a relief to have a beautiful core wardrobe to build on. I know that it all suits me so well, and that from now on it can only get better and better.

I had such a great time with you as well. The whole experience has made me feel confident about going into a store and asking for help. I've never been confident in stores but your advice and encouragement has been very instructive. I will be brave. This experience is about so much more than clothes.

My partner was even so inspired he went out to buy new pants and shirts!  We both keep talking about how good we feel in our new clothes and for that and all of this. Thank you.

Bridget – Geelong West, 27/05/18

Hi Loretta

We've recently enjoyed a luxury weekend to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday. I took with me a wonderful collection of beautiful dresses that were perfect for daytime and evening. I felt fabulous all weekend, and received many compliments. I visited the Review store on Lt Collins St, and bought some more tops to match the amazing navy skirt. Can you believe it was the first time I have gone shopping without you! The store assistant was lovely and I was telling her about you and how I am now enjoying the best wardrobe I've ever had in my life!

No photos yet, but hopefully can send one soon.

Thank you and see you next year!

Kelly – 24/11/18

Hi Loretta,

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

Thanks for your email and your positive words.

I got complimented on my white runners last night. A guy from work has noticed a difference in my change of style so that’s a positive. He asked if I was going to a job interview LOL. You’re right – it makes you feel good when you get complimented.

I’m taking some of my clothes up to family shortly so they can enjoy some of what I got rid of. My nieces will be happy with some of the pieces that are coming their way.

I’ll be in touch again soon when I have a little more time.

You take care and thanks again for your time and the difference you have made already.

Mel – 18/10/18

Hey Loretta,

Had a ball, was very time effective for me knowing I could trust your honest opinion. Did a fashion show for my husband. He was blown away, loved all pieces. Book me in for when the Summer ranges arrive in store.  

Katy – Geelong, 24/5/17

Loretta is amazing at finding the perfect pieces to suit your body, personality and lifestyle.  And now I have some beautiful clothes to enjoy that I would never have found by myself.  I just love the compliments from family, friends and colleagues. Best of all my new wardrobe makes me happy and I feel more confident in myself!  

Thank you Loretta.

Amanda – 9/5/17

I literally had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear :(  Loretta was firm in "weeding out" clothes that didn't suit or were past their use by date.  It was confronting but ultimately liberating.  She has a great sense of style and an appreciation of what suits individual body shapes, colouring and lifestyles. The shopping session was terrific and especially great for people who are time poor. Loretta knows the good stores and had already picked out a number of items to try. Very happy with my new purchases!!

Sandy – Highton, 3/5/17

Hi Loretta,

Once again thank you for your time yesterday. It was much appreciated and really good to see and hear feedback immediately from the team. It was funny, I had two of the girls making comments on what each other was wearing today, and I'm not sure they would ever have noticed before!  It has been a year of many changes for this sales team and it was great to put a couple of things back into perspective for them and start taking care more about how they look and feel in the market. I'm sure Kristie has already locked you in for the gents as they seemed to have more questions than the ladies. :)

Looking forward to catching up with you again soon and thank you again.

Bianca – News Ltd., 13/4/17

Hi Loretta,

We had girls with necklaces, leopard print shoes and scarves on today so your session has already made an impact in the office!! 

Kristie – The Geelong Advertiser, 30/3/17

Hi Loretta, just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update... I have learnt to look at things differently and can see some nice clothes on other ladies which I normally would never have noticed. I put on some clothes this morning I had bought (pre-Loretta) looked in the mirror and groaned. I went down to show my husband and he wasn't sure what to say. I told him I know it looked horrible and went back up to change. We both saw the funny side. Definitely camping gear. Thank you for your help on this journey, couldn't have done it without you.  

Wendy – Drysdale

Hi Loretta, just wanted to thank you so much again for all of your hard work, insight and advice today. I feel amazing in my new clothes and plan to shop for shoes tomorrow. You know you are doing such a beautiful job in improving people's self esteem and outlook on life. Well done to you and thank you again. Chat soon.

Marianne – 22/10/16

Thank you Loretta, I felt fabulous wearing two of my new dresses to work last week, and the lip stain just tops it all off nicely. Thank you once again for a great day out, I'd love to meet up with you again when Winter fashions arrive.

Kelly – Torquay

Hi Loretta, just wanted to thank you sincerely, for your patience and guidance.

x J.M. – Drysdale, 28/11/16

Loretta, thank you yes my family liked the new do.  It's been a while since I've styled my hair like this and I feel like me again. Looking forward to our shopping trip and will try to be dressed appropriately.


Hi Loretta, thanks so much for this morning, I had a great time it went so fast. Hopefully I'm on the right track now. Also thanks for the recommendations they'll be very handy. See you soon. xx

Wendy – Geelong, 23/5/16

Hi Loretta, thank you for a lovely time today. I really enjoyed it. D xx


Thank you, my husband loved the new look. I am very pleased with the purchases. The clothes hang together well and I feel good when I am wearing them.

Lucie W – Surf Coast, 15/10/16

Hi Loretta, thanks so much for this morning, I had a great time it went so fast. Hopefully I'm on the right track now. Also thanks for the recommendations they'll be very handy. See you soon xx

Wendy – Geelong, 23/5/16

Thanks Loretta, I even went back to Decjuba and bought another shirt and vest! Got my eyebrows done and next is hair!  Thanks for all your help I feel so grown up x

Felicity – Melbourne, 13/6/16

Thank you, and thank you for the push too  Very happy with my hair it feels fabulous and much better already. Much shorter at the back than I was comfortable with, but it's good to be pushed out of a comfort zone!  I love the colour too.  

Miss A – Geelong West, 27/8/16